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Back on Her Feet

Neta and Santi were shot multiple times while escaping from the terrorists who attacked their home in Kfar Aza on October 7th. They miraculously survived, but Neta's left ankle was severely injured, prohibiting her from walking for more than three months. Our group has designed and constructed a specialized device to assist Neta's walking. This custom orthosis offloads her injured ankle and transfers the loads to the shank. Neta is now able to practice walking with her unique orthosis, thanks to Dr. Amir Haim and Ahmed Mawase from Lowenstein Hospital, and of course, the wonderful lab members who contributed to its development: Eshraq Saffuri, Itamar Bareket, Hadas Huber, Lee Jordan Dotan, Danielle Fael, and more...

Link to the article on YNET:


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